teknikoak - Iturria: Maribel Ruiz de Erenchun

Iturria: Maribel Ruiz de Erenchun


ADAMSON METRIX line-array sound system :

  • 4 x METRIX baffles (2 on each side).
  • 4 x METRIX W baffles (2 on each side, below the afore mentioned).
  • 4 x METRIX SUB baffles (2 on each side, onstage)
  • 2 x ADAMSON POINT 15 baffles (one on each side, 10 meters from main PA with a delay to improve the direct sound proportion on the upper balcony)


  • 5 x  POWERSOFT K3 (2 for subs, 1 for mid-frequencies, 1 for high frequencies and 1 for delay-reinforcement)
  • Sound processor: XTA DC1048 (Do not touch!!!)


  • YAMAHA CL5 Mixer
  • 2 x Yamaha RIO3224-D digital stage boxes (onstage). 64 in/48 out.
  • 4 x RJ45 connector / Cat 6A cable connecting FOH and stage.


– Dynamic:

  • 6 x SHURE SM-57
  • 7 x SHURE SM-58
  • 1 x SHURE SM57beta
  • 2 x SHURE SLX wireless (SM58)
  • 1 x SHURE Beta 52A
  • 1 x AKG D112  
  • 4 x SENNHEISER E604
  • 2 x SENNHEISER E906
  • 2 x SENNHEISER MD421
  • 1 x AUDIO TECHNICA ATM250DE dual capsule dynamic-condenser

– Condenser:

  • 4 x  RODE NT5
  • 2 x  RODE NT1-A
  • 1 x  SHURE BETA91A
  • 1 x  AUDIO TECHNICA ATM250DE dual capsule dynamic-condenser
  • 8 x  BSS AR 133 DIs


  • YAMAHA M7CL 32 Mixer w/ 3 x Yamaha MY16 Dante AUD2 16in/16out slot cards
  • 10 x ASD SM15 (400 W) wedge monitors + 2 x Electrovoice QRx 115/75 (400 w.) wedge monitors


  • PANASONIC PT-VX400NT (4000 lumen) video-projector facing backdrop. (7m shot)
  • 6m x 4m motorized screen hanging from a motorized theatre comb placed on the back of the stage close to the backdrop.
  • HDMI connection. The control is placed on stage right, close to the folback control.
  • Ethernet to HDMI connection from FOH control.
  • Adapters for mac (HDMI and VGA -mini-display port-) and also a VGA-HDMI adaptor available.


  • 4 x modular Serpam risers  2m x 1m + 8 x 40cm feet  (extensibles to 80cm)
  • Electrical transformers: 2x Lianlong TC1000 Converter 1000W (220/240V to 110/120V), 2x Lianlong LLD200DT Converter 200W (220/240V to 110/120V) eta 2x TRQ A300VA Converter 300W (220/240V to 110/120V)
  • American power sockets 4×7 with 3,60m long cable.
  • Internet connection, free Wi-Fi  + connection via optical fiber: 100 Mbps downstream / 10 Mbps upstream (It’s possible to do a streaming at this speed via ethernet cable)


  1. There is no exclusivity to anybody with regards to channels or material. In other words, Antzokia’s material will be shared by all the bands playing that night if it needs to be.
  2. Using nails, staples and similar on the stage is completely forbidden. Using confettis or similar is completely forbidden too.
  3. Kafe Antzokia’s technical crew has complete control of the gig’s volume, telling the band’s engineer to lower the volume or lowering it themselves if necessary, for the safety of the house’s equipment.


SOUND ENGINEER: LON 663 018991 e-mail: [email protected] // [email protected]

LIGHTING ENGINEER: JOHN LUHMAN 656739806 / [email protected]

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