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Local policy: Only alowed people over 18
Local policy: Only alowed people over 18.
What is the safe payments system?

For your safety, and to prevent fraud, the payment system used by La Caixa makes payments made using VISA and MASTERCARD safe. So if your bank uses a system for checking ID, our server will also require it when you make a payment. These systems are used for your protection and so that nobody else can make a payment in your name, just as you have to show an ID card or a passport to make payments in shops.

But I have been able to make payments on other websites without any difficulty. Why not here?

Those points of sale do not use safety systems to check purchasers’ IDs. Or it may be that the purchaser’s identity for the services you bought were checked in other ways, such as with flights.

Although my card is valid, the online system does not accept it. Why not?

If you have received a message from the organisation saying that your VISA or MASTERCARD has not been accepted, even though it is valid, your bank or savings bank probably has a system for checking identity beforehand in order to make safe payments. Your bank considers this security system to be indispensable for permitting online payments and, if it is not used, your payment will be refused. More and more financial organisations use such systems. More information at Ticketea.

How can I activate my card in order to make online payments?

Ask your bank or savings bank to activate it. Each one has a different ID checking system. Some send PINs in SMSs or using a “battleships”-type system (Laboral Kutxa); others (such as BBK and Kutxa) use the CECA system VINI, for which purchasers have to use their ATM code to identify themselves beforehand. After that you will be able to carry out your payment without any difficulty.

I have bought tickets but I do not have a printer

When you buy tickets it is understood that you have the equipment to be able to print tickets for yourself. If you have a smartphone, all you have to do is show the QR code at the gate. Unfortunately, we do not print tickets bought on the Internet or make reservations at the ticket office.

I have bought tickets online but I have not received a confirmation e-mail

If the purchase has been made successfully, Ticketea will send you an e-mail in a few minutes’ time. If you cannot see it in your e-mail in-box, your computer may have classified it as spam because it does not know the sender.

What are tickets bought online like?

Tickets bought online using the Ticketea system and those bought at physical sales points are different; each ticket has its own code or booking reference number and is only valid for getting into the event it has been bought for. Furthermore, each code can only be used once. So, even if somebody were to make two copies or print more, our system would only accept the code printed once. So ticket purchasers or holders are fully responsible for them. If our system detects that a second copy has been made, the right to enter the event will be forfeited. You can print your tickets and bring them or show your QR code on your smartphone screen. Link: Ticketea assistance area for tickets.

When are there discounts using the Zenbat Gara LAGUNA card?

There is a 50% discount on ticket office prices for the events which we organise, but this does not apply to events organised by others. Events with discounts are always marked as such on our calendar.

How can I buy tickets?

All the places for buying tickets are specified on our calendar for each event. Tickets are on sale at our bar ten days before each event and even sooner on our website. Tickets for many events are also available at other places and on other websites chosen by their organizers. Tickets can be bought at advance prices at the Kafe Antzokia bar: from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 19:00; on Saturday, from 12:30 to 19:00. Advanced sales at the bar are not available on Sundays.

What is the minimum age for attending Kafe Antzokia shows?

At present there are no age limits for going into the bar, the café or the restaurant to take part in activities, nor is there for shows which are approved for children. However, most concerts, plays and other types of shows held at night are classified for adults (unless otherwise stated), with a late night atmosphere and, so, 18 is the minimum age for attending such events. The people in charge of the hall may ask customers for ID to check that they are of age before letting them in.

When does the ticket office open?

The ticket office usually opens half an hour before each event and remains open until all the tickets held there have been sold. So if all the tickets have been sold beforehand, the ticket office does not open.

Tickets for a particular event I am interested are not for sale on your website: why not?

Selling tickets on our website is a service we offer event organisers, but it is their right to choose to use it, use other ticket sales services or not to use any at all. In any case, we always specify the sales points, whether physical or online, for each event.

How can I buy tickets online from your website?

To prevent having to go to sales points to buy them, we have set up our Ticketea system so that you can buy tickets in advance using our secure platform. To buy tickets, all you need is a valid VISA or MASTERCARD and an e-mail address. Purchasers have to have to give their data correctly and come to each event with proof of identity.

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